IPiccoli is more than a project, it’s our story: that of four friends, brothers, who plan to open a restaurant very soon.

A restaurant, but not like the others… A rediscovery of the traditional trattoria, a revisit of our roots… an Italian “neo trattoria”

Alexis, the "nightmare in the kitchen"

The first member of our team is Alexis Tortolani, who will take on the role of chef in the kitchen.

Alexis has always been passionate about gastronomy, and has held positions of responsibility in the restaurant industry for five years.

He will be in charge of developing the menu, researching new flavors and associations, in addition to the responsibilities of associate manager of the iPiccoli company.

Serious, diligent, conscientious, with a wise look and always in a good mood, counting him among the members of our team is a huge asset.

Laurent, the "Mercato"

The second member of our team is Laurent Gaudin, the commercial profile of our restaurant.

Laurent, an interior designer by training, easily builds relationships, in particular thanks to his humor and his (almost) permanent good humor.

He will be in charge of finding us exceptional products, which Alexis will transform into the kitchen.

Dynamic, pleasant, open and meticulous, we count on this esthete to find us the rare pearls that we want you to taste.

Nicolas, "il capo di tutti capi"

The third member of our team is Nicolas Tortolani, the Gordon Ramsay profile of our future restaurant.

Nicolas, geek and gastronome emeritus, is a real enthusiast in everything he does.

A man of convictions and challenges, he strives to make this world more beautiful, whether by delighting our palates or by getting involved in the protection of animals (and finds the time to run marathons).

Nicolas will be « il capo di tutti capi », revisiting the classics and developing new recipes to satisfy you.

Enthusiastic, passionate, funny and talented, we count on him to concoct recipes worthy of a true nonna italiana.

Pavel, the "transporteur"

The fourth and last member of our team is Pavel Teyinyan, the organizational of our restaurant

Pavel, a man of values and family, stands out for his devotion and his desire to always do good, and this in a good mood.

Sometimes inaccessible at first glance, Pavel is an exceptional person with a heart of gold.

He will be « the carrier », managing the logistical, administrative and organizational aspects of our restaurant, and will ensure that your dishes are delivered to you on time, and at the ideal temperature 🙂